45 mil Pondgard EPDM Liner

Pondgard is an EPDM synthetic rubber manufactured by Firestone the premier name in rubber polymer technology. We exclusively sell the 45 mil thickness of this liner.

Fish Friendly: PondGard is a highly stable material and formulated to be safe for exposure to fish and plant life.

Highly Flexible: PondGard stays flexible in a variety of temperatures enabling it to be installed year round.

Weather Resistant: PondGard shows outstanding resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation(UV), ozone, and other evironmental conditions.

High Elongation: PondGard has high expansion and contraction characteristics which enable it to conform to the original design of the pond as well as the natural changes as the ground settles, etc.

Low Maintenance: PondGard requires little or no regular maintenance once installed

Liner will be shipped via either UPS or common carrier. Due to the size and weight of this item we ask you to call our office for a shipping quote. Please call 503-638-1709.