Barley Straw Planter

Barley Straw Planter
Barley Straw Planter
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Product Description

Treats ponds up to 1,500 gallons for up to 6 months.

Barley straw planters work improving water quality in several ways. The natural decomposition of the straw in the water helps to keep water quality pristine. This is accomplished by a natural reaction between the humic acids in the straw from decomposition, sunlight and oxygen. These elements combine to create a condition which keeps water clear. Barley straw promotes healthy populations of invertebrate life that consume harmful contaminates. These tiny creatures are important to the food chain in the pond. All these processes combine to produce a clearer, healthier and long lasting pond environment.

To use your barley straw planter simply fill hole with any premium potting soil, add an aquatic fertilizer, an aquatic marginal plant then water until the planter is soaked. Place planter in pond, planter will float high in the water for about a week until straw becomes completely saturated. Fertilize as needed throughout the season. Planter will remain active improving water quality for about 6 months. After straw has finished decomposing the plant and remaining root ball can be planted into an appropriate sized pot and enjoyed for another season.